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At this level you will have a chance to review and explore more interesting data structures such as arrays, linked lists, trees, and graphs. You will also learn more algorithms including breath first search, depth first search, greedy algorithms, and Dijkstra's algorithm.

Module 1: Array
Review and study array, a fundamental data structure that contains a fixed number of elements, typically with the same data type.

Module 2: Linked List
Learn linked list, another sequence data structure that is a chain of values connected with pointers.

Module 3: Binary Tree
Learn binary tree, a hierarchical data structure that each node can have up to two children.

Module 4: Expression Tree
An expression tree is a kind binary tree that represents algebraic expressions.

Module 5: Binary Search Tree
Learn binary search tree (BST), a binary tree with nodes arranged in a special order.

Module 6: Graph
Learn graph.

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